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Chris Lord
My name is Chris Lord and I am the Head Pixie and Pixel Pusher at Pixielated Pixels. I am British born and bred but New York City based and I first picked up a camera almost 50 years ago. I took it on a school trip to Italy and have been shooting at some level ever since. For a long time I shot slides because I always took too many exposures and slide film was cheaper. I even built a darkroom in the middle of my apartment back in the 80s. But I have never been really satisfied with my results. I would take rolls of pictures and wait expectantly to get them back only to always be disappointed that they never matched what I had seen in my mind when I pressed that button. In the darkroom I tried many tricks like solarization in order to produce something that was “more” than an ordinary photograph but was never truly happy. In 1985 I bought my first computer and a year or so later I digitized slides for the first time by making three exposures with a black & white TV camera through the blue, red, and green filters of a color wheel. I had a piece of software that would recombine these three exposures into a color image and I was starting to get excited. Now with today’s hi-res monitors, powerful computers and Photoshop I am finally happy, playing to my hearts content and creating the images that I always dreamed of. When I’m out with the camera I’m really just collecting material for my next Photoshop session and I tend to shoot everything I see that just might make an interesting image, then I will sit up all night at the computer putting things together and creating. Happily, I retired from the “real” world nearly three years ago. At that time I opened my first and main website at Pixielated Pixels ( and never looked back! I hope you all enjoy the rather eclectic results.

Welcome to "Fanciful Flights", my "Aviation Art" collection of digitally manipulated photographic images of aircraft and flight related subjects.

All of the images on this site can be seen larger and in slideshow format at my main site Pixielated Pixels

Purchasing Prints

All of the images on this blog and many many more (Aviation art is only one of 22 different subjects each with it's own gallery) can be purchased at Pixielated Pixels in many formats and sizes and even more formats at various other sites listed in the "Links To My Art" Tab on that site.

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